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Episode 3: Making Tomorrow Sexy w/ Grown Sexy Vegan

Hello Wild World!

Welcome to A Wild Tomorrow: The Podcast! Episode 3!

I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with good friend and CEO of Grown Sexy Vegan, Leia Boza. She has been hard at work getting her non-profit started, and though there have been bumps in the road, she's literally killing it.

Leia started Grown Sexy Vegan only a few months ago and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that I'm excited to share with you all. From the enthralling and joy filled moments of owning your own brand, to the nitty gritty legal and money-laden parts--we're going to cover it all! We'll also jump into the hippie dippy nature of this life that you all know I love and cover some important information on veganism as well!

Her outlook on life and love and mission is nothing short of inspiring, and I can't wait for you all to meet her!

Thanks for tuning in again. I wish you all a Grown Sexy, albeit Wild, Tomorrow.

With Kindness,

Dylan Pritchett

Check out Leia's blog and Grown Sexy Vegan below:

Instagram: @GrownSexyVegan

Youtube: Grown Sexy Vegan

Web: Grownsexyvegan.biz

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