• Dylan Gregory

Episode 11: A Rapper's Delight w/ Mike Frush

Welcome, Wild World, to episode 11 of A Wild Tomorrow: The Podcast!

This week, we have a rapper out of Youngstown, Ohio named Mike Frush. Mike has been in the music biz for years starting in the Orlando Metalcore band, Fear The Concept, and later branching out on his own in Ohio as a rapper with his namesake. Mike has produced a few singles over the years and recently released his first ever EP: Iridescent.

As this Rap guru will tell you, though, the industry ain't just a can o' peaches. We dive deep into what it takes to create and compete as an artist in this modern world, and how COVID-19 has forced artists to create in new and unconventional ways.

But don't take it from me! Hear the full recording of Mike's sage advice on this weeks episode, available everywhere you get your podcasts. Links below!

Mike Frush:





A Wild Tomorrow: Episode 11




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