• Dylan Gregory

Episode 2: Too Scared To Succeed

Hello Wild World!

Welcome to Episode 2 of A Wild Tomorrow - The Podcast!

The leaves are falling, pumpkins are smirking, and the witches are prepping for the least saintly of holidays--all hallows eve. As the 31st creeps up on us we are made aware, almost every day, of this spookiest of all seasons.

With ghouls and goblins on our minds I thought there would be no better time than to tackle perhaps the biggest hurdle of anyone with a dream:


Halloween, in a way, is a way for humans to cope with the largest of all fears. Yep, I mean the big dirty D.


No better way to handle existentialism than to dance around as a skeleton amiright?

But fear comes in all shapes and sizes, and often times some less obvious fears, like fear of disapproval, fear of acceptance, fear of success, and fear of failure, are WAY scarier than a garden gnome with a hatchet (okay I guess that does sound kinda scary, but still).

So, today we're going to discuss the psychology of this fear, some stories from people who have overcome it themselves, and some tactics on how we can too.

I'm joined by a fellow Wild Dreamer and long time friend of mine, Luke Gerber, in this episode.

As always, thank you for listening, and I wish you a Wild, Wild Tomorrow.

With Kindness,

Dylan Pritchett

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