• Dylan Gregory

Episode 1: Discover Your Tomorrow

Hello Wild World!

Thank you so much for taking the time to click the link and make it to this page. My name is Dylan Pritchett and it's my honor to introduce to you the very first episode of

A Wild Tomorrow: The Podcast!

This episode will cover a bit of my history, what I aim to achieve with these podcasts, and some helpful tactics for getting you on the way to discovering what your dreams really are. Tune in for future episodes to hear interviews with everyday people who are achieving their dreams RIGHT NOW, tips and tricks for leading a healthy and successful life, and candid conversations about topics that really matter.

Episodes will come out bimonthly on Sunday nights starting October 27th.

If you think you or someone you know would be interested in appearing on the show please do not hesitate to reach out! Send me an email with your name, a topic that's dear to you, and your dream to awildtomorrow@gmail.com.

If you have a question or any advice you think would be helpful for other people to hear email the awildtomorrow@gmail.com as well and we'll try and feature it on the show!

Lastly, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I wish you all a beautiful, wild and wonderful day today, tomorrow and into the week ahead.

With Kindness,

Dylan Pritchett

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